You will need a Pinterest account to get started. Sign up for free here.

Images on Pinterest are saved to "Boards," like a physical vision board, which will serve to categorize your posts. You can create boards as you add pins, or by clicking on the plus icon on your Pinterest profile. Here are some suggestions for Board titles for your pins from the Social Post Library:

  • Monthly Real Estate Blogs
  • Real Estate Tips for Buyers
  • Advice for Home Sellers
  • Local Austin Real Estate Updates

When you create a Pinterest post, you'll notice that there is a place to add a "Destination Link." If a person clicks on your pin, they will be taken to this URL. You do not have to add a destination link to save a pin. Here are some suggestions for destination links if you choose to add one:

  • A blog post on your website
  • Your website home page
  • A lead generation landing page

Below are the instructions for sharing to Pinterest a post from the Social Post Library.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Locate the Pinterest post you would like to use in the Social Post Library
  2. Click the Image button to download the post image 
  3. Click the Caption button to copy the post title and caption
  4. Click the Share button to be directed to the Pin Builder on Pinterest
  5. Drag and drop or click to upload your downloaded Pinterest image into the image area
  6. In the caption area, paste the copied title and caption
  7. Move the title (the first line of the copied text) to the title area
  8. OPTIONAL: add a destination link
  9. From the Boards dropdown, select or create a board to which save your new pin
  10. Click Save