If you have not already, create a Pinterest account at the link above. 

Once you have created your Pinterest account, we recommend adding the Pinterest Browser Button to your Browser for easier (and faster) pinning. 

Adding The Monthly Digital Marketing Campaign post to Pinterest

Go to your Dashboard and download the Monthly Value Program (MVP) collateral. 

Login to your Pinterest account, and click on the + sign in the bottom right hand corner. 

Then click "Upload a Pin"

You'll then need to add the following to upload your pin:

The examples in this article are from the November 2017 MVP.

1. Upload the "Pinterest Photo" that you downloaded from the MVP.

2. Upload the description & hashtags from the Pinterest section of the "Campaign Support File" that you downloaded from the MVP.

3. If you have setup your AgentID Site link, grab that blog link of the MDMC blog that was automatically uploaded (If it is the current month then it should be the first      blog post on your page). If you have not, then grab the link of whatever blog you uploaded that MDMC blog to. 

Once you have uploaded your post, click Next.

If you have not already, create a board for your MVP by click on the bottom button "Create Board". 

Examples of good board titles include: 

  • Monthly Newletters
  • Real Estate 
  • Real Estate Blogs
  • Home Grown
  • Etc. 

Once you have created a board (or if you have already created a board), click on the name of that board to add your pin. 

If you get a message saying you have too many character limits, try re-pinning your pin and removing some of the Hashtags. You do not have to add all of the Hashtags we recommend to your pin.

You will get a confirmation screen like the one below, with a "featured follow" post (you don't have to follow that board but it is recommended!). Click on "See it Now" to see your post. 

Now that you've pinned your MVP Pinterest Pin, lets share it!

Promote Your Pins

Let your fans and subscribers know that your brand has a Pinterest. 

  • Tweet about Pinterest once a week (if you have a twitter) and include the MDMC Pinterest Link, or a link to another Real Estate related board or pin you have.
  • Post on Facebook once a week sharing your Pinterest Pin to Facebook. 
  • Send an email mentioning Pinterest and feature a Pinterest profile widget at least once a month.
  • Add a (free) Pinterest app to your Facebook account.


You can drive traffic to your websites by creating an specific "blog board" for all of your blogs. 

Create a separate pin for each blog post you have created, or each blog post TPA has uploaded to your AgentID Site!

Make sure you name your boards using relevant keywords so it's easy to find in search engine results. 

Find Popular Group Boards

When you have some downtime, get on Pinterest and have some fun! Search around for relevant boards to follow and engage with. 

Post relevant pins you find to your boards. Not all of your pins have to be yours! 

Invite others to join Pinterest and check out your collections. 

If you're interested in more than just Real Estate, create boards for that too! A lot of successful boards include Home Decor and Furniture!