You will need a LinkedIn account to get started. Sign up for free here.

LinkedIn posts in the Social Post Library includes an article, which is essentially a blog post for LinkedIn, as well as a post caption, which is what appears on your contacts' LinkedIn feed.

Below are the instructions for sharing to LinkedIn a post and article from the Social Post Library.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Locate the post and article you would like to use in the Social Post Library
  2. Click the Image button to download the post image
  3. Click the Article button to download the article
  4. Click the Share button to be directed to LinkedIn
  5. Under "Start a Post," select “Write an Article”
  6. Click the large header image (looks like two pictures connected by a plus sign) and upload the post image
  7. Open the LinkedIn article from your downloads 
  8. Copy and paste the Headline of the article into the space that says “Headline”
  9. Copy and paste the body of the article into the space that says “Write here…”
  10. Review the article and tweak as necessary. You may need to delete excess line spaces, fix formatting, add image links, etc.
  11. Navigate back to the post in the Social Post Library 
  12. Click the Caption button to copy the post caption and hashtags
  13. Navigate back to your LinkedIn article and hit “Publish” at the top right corner
  14. In the caption area, paste the copied post caption and hashtags
  15. Click Publish