Facebook is the largest social media network today, and it's a necessary component for any successful digital marketing strategy. Your clients are there, they expect you to be there, and if you're not, it will reflect poorly on your perceived competence. 

Finding the Facebook Post in the Monthly Value Program

For each Monthly Value Program, we provide you with multiple posts to add on Facebook. These can be found in the campaign Support File or on the MVP page, under the heading "Marketing Materials":

Click on the button titled "Facebook Posts." The posts will be collapsed automatically, but clicking on each will reveal the copy and recommended image for each. 

Note that each Facebook post uses a link to your blog post, which should include images. If the link preview that populates in your Facebook post does not show the recommended image for the post, consider removing the link preview and replacing it with the photo file.

Sharing the Facebook Post from the Monthly Value Program (Step-by-Step Instructions)

The easiest way to publish the post from the Monthly Value Program on Facebook is from your desktop. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the MVP Page by choosing your Campaign from the MVP Roll Up Page
  2. Scroll to the "Marketing Materials" section of the page and click on the button titled "Facebook Post"
  3. Choose Post A and copy the text there
  4. Navigate to your Facebook Business Page
  5. Paste the text into the "Write a Post..." section near the top of your Facebook Business page
  6. Edit the text as necessary for your market (i.e. adding your blog post link, adding your own flair)
  7. When you add the link to your blog post, several images may populate. Close out out of all except the recommended image for the post
  8. If the main header image does not populate, or if you choose not to use a link on this post, select the camera icon to add the Social Media Image you downloaded from the campaign collateral
  9. Select "Publish" when ready
  10. Repeat with Post B

Sharing the Facebook Post from the Monthly Value Program (Visual Instructions)

Please note: This video also shows how to share your Facebook Business Page post to your personal Facebook profile. This is what's called a "Marketing Variation" and is not a necessary part of implementing the MVPs... though it is a good idea!