You will need an Instagram account to get started. Sign up for free here. 

If you intend to use Instagram to promote your real estate business, then you should follow these instructions to change your account to be a Business or Creator account. This will allow you to run ads on Instagram as well as publish Instagram posts from the Social Post Library from your desktop. 

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not switch your account type from personal to professional, you will need to use your mobile device to post to Instagram or a third party posting service like Later or SkedSocial. This article does not discuss these options.

Once you've switched your Instagram account to either Business or Creator, you can use Creator Studio to publish to Instagram from your desktop. Creator Studio is a publishing tool that allows you to manage, schedule, and review your posts on all your Facebook and Instagram business accounts in one place. Here are instructions for setting up Creator Studio.

Below are instructions for using Creator Studio to publish a post to Instagram from the Social Media Post Library.



Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Locate the post or video you would like to use in the Social Post Library
  2. Click the Image button to download the post image or video 
  3. Click the Caption button to copy the post caption and hashtags
  4. Click the Share button to be directed to Creator Studio
  5. Select the Instagram icon at the top of your screen
  6. Click on "Create Post" and select "Instagram Feed"
  7. In the caption area, paste the copied caption and hashtags
  8. OPTIONAL: Add a location, like your city or office
  9. Click "Add Content" to upload your Instagram image or video
  10. OPTIONAL: Check the box to cross-post to your Facebook Business Page
  11. Click the down arrow next to "Publish" to schedule, backdate, or immediately publish your post