Online video is quickly becoming the most important form of online marketing. According to one source, one-third of all online activity is spent watching video, and perhaps even more startling, marketers who use video increase their revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Filming videos can be daunting for those of you not familiar with the process, but you have a solid starting point with the Monthly Value Programs! In this help article, we'll show you two different variations of types of videos you could create about the MDMCs, as well as how to use them in your marketing.


These days, any newer smartphone will have a good enough camera and microphone to use it for a 1-minute video. Just make sure you're in a quiet place with a lot of natural light! Then you can use your phone's native editing feature to clip out any bloopers.

When you want to up your video game, refer to our recommendations for video, lighting, audio, and editing equipment and technology. Access our most up-to-date recommendations in this Evernote note.


Chris Scott invited our Paperless Agent videographer, Jerrett Wilson, on a Member Training Session to discuss the process for taking a professional-looking video. They talked about shot composition, editing and exporting the video, and even how to balance the light in a frame to make your video seem really top-notch. 

Chris used the December 2017 MVP as the topic of his video, and his talking points came from the phone script resource. These days, we have specific Talking Points included in the materials for each campaign, which you can get from the Support File.

Being on camera yourself is a great way to add extra oompf to your campaign, while making doubly sure that the people in your network remember who you are. Check out what Chris and Jerrett created below:

For instructions on how to create a video like Chris', refer to the December 6, 2017 Member Training Session.

Another wonderful option is to create a slideshow-style video. The benefits to this type of video include that there's less physical setup required, and you don't have to appear in front of the camera yourself. Of course, if you're not tech-savvy, this option might be a little more difficult, and you lose the opportunity to get that face recognition. However, a slideshow is a great way to add visual interest to your marketing regardless.

A tool we like for this is called Lumen5. It makes creating a video from an existing blog post super easy: all you have to do is plug in your link! Review the January 22, 2020 Member Training Session for a demo and instructions. And check out the example video below:


After you've filmed your video, the final step is to incorporate it into your MVP process. We recommend posting the video to your Facebook Business Page for sure, but you should also explore publishing it on your blog post, to Instagram, and even YouTube. We recommend trying the option that feels easiest to you first, then paying attention to how your network responds.

Here are some ideas and resources for how to include your video into the MVP process.

SuggestionsResources to Learn More
Add the video to your blog postHow to Add a Video to an AgentID Site Blog Post
Upload your video to FacebookHow to Post a Video to Facebook

This is the option that Marketing Club member Teresa Lett did with her slideshow video. Check out her post here:
Upload your video to YouTubeHow to Upload a Video to YouTube

Marketing Club member Mary Anglin shared her best practices for YouTube videos in this Member Training Session from March 20, 2019.
Send your video out via emailOnce you've uploaded your video to YouTube or Facebook, you can include the link to it in your Cover Email that you send out to your database.

Alternatively, you can experiment with sending the video in the email itself using a service like BombBomb, which several Marketing Club members highly recommend. Learn more about BombBomb here.

We also like Soapbox by Wistia, which is a simple and free web browser plugin. See a demo of Soapbox in the January 8, 2019 Member Training Session.