At the heart of the Monthly Value Programs (MVPs) is the blog post. Each month, we have a professional copywriter compose a long-form article that is meant to be of value to anyone interested in real estate. The topics vary so as to showcase your range of industry expertise.

The idea is that you post the blog post then tell your sphere you posted it. This provides them valuable information and keeps you top of mind, reminding them that you're ready for their referrals and repeat business. The rest of the MVP campaign includes materials that will help you do this, such as an email template, social media posts, and a phone script. 

But before you can do that, you will need a website that allows you to create blog posts. If you have such a site you'd like to use, great! The MVP blog posts are available as a Microsoft Word document, which can be opened in any word processing program (think Apple Pages or Google Docs). You'll simply copy and paste the content from there into a new blog post on your site.

If you don't have a website that allows you to add blog posts, then we have two options for you:

  1. Setup your AgentID Site, or
  2. Use the Report

Read on for more instructions on both options.

The MVP Blog Posts on the AgentID Site

Once you setup the AgentID Site -- the free marketing site included in your Marketing Club membership -- then the three most recent MVP blog posts will be added to your site immediately. Click here to setup your AgentID Site.

New MVP blog posts will be automatically formatted and published on the first of each month for as long as your Marketing Club membership is active.

Important Notes

  • If you don't see the latest MVP blog post on your AgentID Site, click here to let us know.
  • Canadian members will need to replace the auto-posted content with the Canadian version, if one was released that month. Learn more here.

To share the blog post, you'll need the "permalink." This can be found by opening your blog post and copying the URL in the web address bar.

Notice in the video below that the permalink in the editor view of the blog post has an ellipsis in the middle? If you just copy the text of that link, it'll include the ellipsis and your link won't work. It's better to open the blog post all the way to make sure your link is correct.

We encourage you to edit the blog posts as you see fit. You can add any text, images, or videos that you'd like. Please refer to the AgentID Site help articles for more instructions:

We also suggest adding Calls to Action (CTAs) in your blog post. This would be links to landing pages to collect visitor information -- aka generate online leads. For more instructions, check out our Member Training on this idea: Advanced-Level Client Marketing.

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Using the MVP Report Instead of the Blog Post

Another component of the MVP campaigns is the Report. Like a magazine article, the Report is beautifully designed to be eye-catching and highly shareable. The content is a shortened version of the blog post.

If you don't have a website that can post blog articles, or if you just want to switch up your marketing this month, try sending the Report instead of the link to your blog post.

All you'd need to do is change up the language in the MVP a bit. For example, here's a portion of the email template from the May 2020 MVP:

Because so many of us are experiencing financial stress right now, I also wanted to share some of my favorite tips and strategies to reduce household expenses. You can find “20 Ways to Save Money and Stretch Your Household Budget” on my blog: [insert link to post]

If you were sending the Report instead, you could reword that paragraph to say the following:

Because so many of us are experiencing financial stress right now, I also wanted to share some of my favorite tips and strategies to reduce household expenses. I have attached my report titled “20 Ways to Save Money and Stretch Your Household Budget” to this email for you.

On social media, where you cannot attach a file easily, you can tell your audience to reach out to you for the Report. So the Facebook Post for the May 2020 MVP, for example, would read as follows:

Want more great ways to save money and stretch your household budget?  Ask me for my Report “20 Ways to Save Money and Stretch Your Household Budget.”

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