A featured photo is the photo that rests next to the blog, bringing the attention of the viewer to the blog, and sits at the top of the page when you open up the blog. 

To set the featured photo for your blog please follow the steps below:

Login to your AgentID Admin page

When you have accessed your AgentID Admin page, click on the 'Posts' tab on the left hand sidebar menu.

Please click on the title of the post that you would like to add a featured photo too. 

When you have opened the blog that you would like to edit, navigate to the right hand side of the page. Toward the bottom you will see a box titles 'Featured Image', please click on the blue 'Set Featured Image' button to select your featured image.

You will then be directed to your media library. Here you can select any image you have already uploaded onto your AgentID Site, or you can select the 'Upload File' tab and upload any photo from your files! When you have selected the photo you would like to be your featured photo, please click the blue 'Set Featured Photo' button on the bottom right hand side. 

You can see the photo you selected for your featured image in the 'Featured Image' box! Before you save and update your blog I recommend using the 'Preview Changes' button at the top right hand side. This will allow you to preview your featured photo with your blog before you publish it to your site. When you are satisfied with your blog and featured photo please click the blue 'Update' button!