To access the monthly blog posts and media content, called the Monthly Value Programs or MVPs, please log in to your Paperless Agent Dashboard.

From your Dashboard home page, click on the "Club Classic" tab at the top:

After going to the Club Classic dashboard, go to the Marketing Campaigns:

That will take you to the Monthly Value Programs Roll Up Page, where you can select the marketing campaign you'd like to use and access all the materials specific to it:

Getting Started with the MVPs

If you are new to using the MVPs, start with the button "How to Use the MVP." This will take you to a short video explaining how the MVPs work to increase your repeat and referral business and the five simple steps to implement them.

If this is the first time you've heard of the MVPs, or if you feel like you could use more detailed guidance, click on "First Time Sending the MVP." This will download the "Instructions & Checklist" resource from the most recent campaign, which includes information on how to set up your website to publish the blog posts when to schedule the social media posts, and everything else you need to fully implement the MVP. 

Choosing Your Campaign

The Monthly Value Program campaigns are organized into three sections on the Roll Up Page: Newest Campaigns, Evergreen Campaigns, and the Archive.

Evergreen Campaigns can be used throughout the year. They are the perfect choice if the newest MVP isn’t quite your style, or if you’d like to add an additional campaign to your marketing for the month. Evergreen Campaigns are organized into three subsections: campaigns for home sellers, campaigns for home buyers, and campaigns for both home sellers and buyers.

And finally, the Archive is a list of all previously released MVPs, organized in reverse chronological order. Be aware when using MVPs from the archive that campaigns older than 3 months may not be relevant to today's market. Use this section primarily for inspiration when creating your own campaigns.

Finding the Campaign Materials

To get the marketing materials for each campaign, simply click on the title of the MVP you'd like to use.

You will be able to see a preview of the campaign from the slider at the top as well as download the Instructions & Checklist file for that campaign. Scroll down the page for the Implementation Calendar and video instructions, or click on "Get the Campaign" to be directed to the campaign materials.

The campaign materials are conveniently organized by the order in which you should use them. For example, step 1 is to publish useful real estate information. This info is available either as a blog post (to add to your website) or as a downloadable report (to print out or send as a mailer). 

Click on the button of the marketing piece you'd like to look at to get specific instructions and that material. For example, this is what it looks like when you click on "Blog Post":

Note: This design is new as of February 2021. Older MVPs will look differently. If you have any problem with them, please email