On many of the posts we publish for you on Instagram, the "Call to Action" will be for your audience to refer to your blog post for more information. This creates and reaffirms their impression that you're a trustworthy source of valuable market information.

But where you would normally expect a URL linking to your blog, you'll notice that the Instagram posts provided through your Marketing Club membership sometimes use the phrase "Link in Bio."

This isn't a mistake! This is an example of a marketing best practice built into the materials we give our members. We know all these little tricks so you don't have to.

But if you'd like to learn more, keep reading.


Instagram doesn't allow clickable links in post captions on their platform. If you include one, it will just be text and will be very difficult for your audience to interact with. For this reason, it's become common for posts to say "Link in Bio" instead of including a URL. This directs readers to the poster's profile, where Instagram DOES allow clickable links.

With Instagram's latest update, you can now add up to FIVE clickable links to your profile. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of the marketing campaigns you can run simultaneously.

What Links to Add To Your Bio

We recommend that you add links to at least your blog to your Instagram bio. This way, your Instagram traffic will be able to find the blog posts that your Monthly Value Program social posts reference. If you are using the AgentID Sites (the free marketing websites included in your Marketing Club membership), the best link for this purpose will be your AgentID Site home page.

We would also highly recommend that you add a link to your listings to your Instagram bio. This will show that you're currently active in real estate, which is very important to potential leads. The AgentID Sites also allow you to do this easily!

The other three links are up to you! You can learn more about our updated "Link In Bio" strategy in this Member Training:


We always advocate for using an app's native features whenever possible. This ensures the highest performance, the fastest updates, and the strongest compatibility in your marketing. If you are set on using a link aggregator tool, however, LinkTree is a great option.