As we've created the Monthly Value Program campaigns, some topics are timely (yearly market stats, that year's design trends), and some are "evergreen," meaning that they are relevant regardless of the year or season.

These evergreen campaigns are a powerful way to demonstrate your varied expertise to your network, so they know to refer to you no matter what stage of the home buying or selling journey they — or their friends! — are in.

We recommend that you create a library of the Reports from the evergreen campaigns so that you can offer them to your contacts whenever such an occasion arises that they would be useful.

For example, say you're talking to a new contact and they mention that they're thinking of looking into real estate investing. "You know," you say, "I just wrote a report on real estate investment tips. Let me shoot that over to you real quick. What's the best email address for you?" 

And all of a sudden, you have a new entry for your CRM, you've provided that person with incredibly valuable information, and made an impression on that person for being a knowledgeable market expert!

How to Access the Evergreen Monthly Value Programs

To review the available evergreen MVPs, visit the MVP Roll Up Page. Scroll down to where it says “Evergreen,” then browse the titles of the campaigns. You’ll notice that they’re segmented into “Campaigns for Home Sellers,” “Campaigns for Home Buyers,” and “Campaigns for Both Sellers and Buyers.” 

When you click on a title, one of two things will happen. For more recently created MVPs, like the one titled “Take Advantage of Your Home Equity: A Homeowner’s Guide,” you’ll be taken to a standard MVP page. You can download the zip file of all the campaign components at the top of the page, or you can scroll down to the button that says “Report” to download the report file by itself.

On an older MVP, like “What Is Your Home Buying Power,” clicking the title will automatically download the campaign zip file. Open the zip file to find the campaign Report.

Once you have the report downloaded, make sure to add your contact information! Refer to this help article for more instructions if you don’t know how to do that already:

Then save the edited Report as a PDF in a folder on your desktop or cloud service, like Google Drive so you have easy access to it! 

Tip: We recommend that you save the report using the title of the campaign for easier reference.

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