From time to time (for example, the May 2018 Monthly Value Program), we'll include images from the website Houzz in our Monthly Value Program blog posts. Houzz has certain rules for using their images. From their Terms of Service:

The photos on Houzz have an embed code associated with them that allows them to retain all the appropriate attributions and links back to the professional that uploaded the image. There is no cost to embed those images that way.

For use of photos outside of those parameters, please contact the professional that uploaded the image directly to enquire about permission.

Therefore, we must use the embed code for these images. If you have your AgentID Site setup to receive automatically published blog posts from us, then you don't have to worry about the formatting of this. We already take care of it for you!

If you are manually publishing a past MVP blog post on your AgentID Site, however, or if you're using another WordPress-based website, then you will need to follow the instructions below.


If your website is not hosted on WordPress, the process for using the image embed codes will be different. We recommend reaching out to your website's customer support team for further technical help. Send them the link to this article to help explain what you're trying to accomplish! 

The Paperless Agent support team will not be able to troubleshoot sites that are not the AgentID Site.

Instructions and Demonstration Video

1. Find and copy the embed codes within the Word document of the blog post. We highlight these to make them easy to locate.

2. Start a new blog post (refer to this help article for more details on this part of the process)

3. Click on the "Text" option

4. Paste embed code as illustrated below

5. Switch over to the "Visual" tab to see your embedded image

Watch a video demonstration of posting the March 2020 MVP blog post below. NOTE: This video does not have sound.