Welcome to The Marketing Club by Paperless Agent! 

Marketing Club provides you with an innovative and guided approach to fulfilling your marketing. Please follow the below steps in order to make the most out of the Marketing Club, but before you get started:  

Make sure you're receiving our emails

During your membership, you'll receive emails announcing new resources, recapping training sessions, and inviting you to periodic live classes. Stay in the loop by keeping us our of your Spam folder (or, if you're a Gmail user, out from under the Promotions tab.) Review the help article below for instructions:

How to Keep Paperless Agent Emails in Your Inbox

Log into your Customer Dashboard

Bookmark the Dashboard URL so you never forget where to go to find your Marketing Club materials: https://dashboard.thepaperlessagent.com/dashboard/

If you're having trouble logging into the Dashboard, review this help article: Log In Solutions 

P.S. - If you run into any problems, please email us at support@thepaperlessagent.com and a Member Success Representative will help you with any issues you have. Please keep in mind, it can take a day or two for us to respond… especially if it’s over a weekend. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm Central Standard Time.

Our full library of knowledge base articles can be found by clicking here.

Let's get started!

1. The "To-Do List"

The Paperless Agent's Marketing Club assists you in keeping track of your progress and next steps by providing a "To-Do List" guide on the left-hand side of the homepage tab. 

This to-do list tracks "milestones" and keeps you up to date on how far along you are in your marketing journey/activities. 

Upon signup with Marketing Club, you will begin at "Milestone 1: Opening Act".

Click the following link for further information on how to use The To-Do List.

2. Launch Your First Campaign

The most important step in getting started with Marketing Club is launching your first Campaign! 

Launching your first campaign will insert your initial blog article post into your AgentID website and begin the automation of Paperless Agent monthly marketing content. 

Click the following link for further information on how to launch Your First Campaign.

All other campaign related articles can be found by clicking here.   

3. Connecting Your Social Accounts

In order for your campaign's monthly content to post successfully to social media, you will need to connect your Facebook and/or Instagram through the Paperless Agent's account connection tool. 

Click the following link for further information on Connecting Your Social Accounts.

Note that: your social accounts can be added, removed, and changed at any time by accessing the My Account tab > Social Media Accounts.  

4. Upload Contacts

An essential part of your monthly marketing campaign is the email component to your contacts/sphere of influence. 

In order to successfully email your contacts, you must add a database to the Paperless Agent's Contacts tool.

Marketing Club offers you the ability to either add new contacts manually one entry at a time, sync your phone, and import files from your computer. 

Click the following link for further information on Contacts.

For all articles related to the Contacts manager tool, click here


5. The Hotsheet

Once your contacts have been uploaded and the email component of the monthly campaign has been delivered, Marketing Club offers an in-depth report [Hotsheet] of which contacts in your list received and/or opened your marketing materials. 

The Hotsheet uses a proprietary algorithm to rank which contacts have triggered notable activity from recipients such as multiple opens, clicks, new usage, etc. 

This becomes available to you in the form of ordered prospects (highest potential leads at top). 

The desired action is for you use the smart rankings to speed up your lead/prospecting process and direct message as many of your "warmed up" email leads as possible monthly. 

Click the following link for further information on The Hotsheet.

For all articles related to the Contacts manager tool, click here.


6. AgentID Site Access & Configuration 

The Paperless Agent's provided AgentID Site is a custom website available to all Marketing Club users.

This website gives your more visibility when your name, brand, and real estate inquiries are being searched in your local area as well as providing details on your past/current listings, contact info, and biographical information.

It can be accessed from the homepage on the dashboard by scrolling down to The Right Tools for the Job.

Click the following link for further information on AgentID Site Access & ConfigurationIf you have not yet setup your AgentID Site, click here before access & configuration. 

For all articles related to the AgentID Site, click here.


7. Products

Amongst the aforementioned components of implementing the automated monthly campaign with Marketing Club, the Paperless Agent has a number of valuable products listed on the homepage.

Simply scroll down to Your Products. 

Any products that have been purchased will be applied to your dashboard and can be found under this area. 

To learn more about what kind of products are available with The Paperless Agent, click here.

8. The Tools for the Job

In addition to the Marketing Club automations and products, there are a variety of tools available with The Paperless Agent including the AgentID Personal Website, LinkMe, Email Blaster, Private Facebook, and many more Resources

Click the above links for more information about each individual tool and/or to gain access to our full list of resources [Filebox]. 

For more information on Navigating the Filebox, click here.  

9. Training

The Paperless Agent offers a variety of different trainings both live and recorded. 

They can be found on the dashboard homepage by clicking the Training tab. 

This will take you to a landing page where you can Register for an Upcoming Member Training Session, access the Training FAQ, and view the Training Library.

10. My Account

Access to My Account information can be found at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard homepage next to your profile photo.

Click My Account > Account to access edits to your personal information, company details, social media accounts, and headshot/logo. 

My Account > Settings will give you access to opting 'in' or 'out' of email and texts alerts generated by new Hotsheet leads (better known as "Hotleads").

Click the following link for further information on My Account.