As part of the Member Training Sessions, we create templates, guides, marketing pieces, and more to supplement the training, making it even easier for you to implement what you've learned during the video session. 

These resources are included in the Session Replay Page for each individual Member Training Session, but you can also review a full list of all downloadable resources available to you from the "Templates & Tools Library" (also called the "Filebox").

To Access the Tools and Templates Library

  1. Sign In to your Paperless Agent Customer Dashboard
  2. Select the "Content" tab or go to Section 1.
  3. Click on the card labeled "Templates & More"

Navigating the Filebox

The Filebox is sorted by category, such as "New Agent Tips," "Online Reviews," and "Working with FSBOs." Categories labeled "Resource Type" will show you all of the available "Checklists" or "Scripts," for example.

Review the most recent and most popular resources under the category "Featured Resources," then use the grey Categories dropdown to explore the other categories available.