Review this article for answers to some frequently asked questions about the Marketing Club member-exclusive webinars, called the Member Training Sessions.

1. When are the Member Training Sessions?

  • Usually on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesdays of each month
  • But... sometimes holidays change things up a bit. We'll give you a heads up if so!
  • Member Trainings are usually at 4pm ET / 3pm CT.

2. Are Member Training Sessions recorded?

  • Yes, always!! 
  • The video and all the templates, checklists, etc will be added to the Training Library the following Monday. Check out the Training Library here.
  • Psst... Replays will be emailed out the same day as the live broadcast to those of you who register for the session.

3. How long are Member Training Sessions?

  • We'll train on the topic of the session for about 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for questions.