Please note: these instructions are solely intended for our Marketing Club v2 users and should not be confused with our Legacy Marketing Club clientele. If you are not using Marketing Club v2, please click the following link to Get Started

You may also email if you are interested in figuring out what Marketing Club v2 is all about! 

Milestone Activities

The ToDo List on the left-hand side of the dashboard homepage will always tell you what you should do next! 

These are Milestone Activities that will guide you through setting up your account and using all of the tools available in the Marketing Club. 

This is a read-only field section; reference the activity order for actions to take, and the Marketing Club v2 system will check off the boxes towards your progress as you complete the various activities. 

Upon signup with Marketing Club v2, you will begin at "Milestone 1: Opening Act". Example: 

As you progress through the ordered activities and reach the end of a Milestone, a new Milestone will become available to you with new activity directions.

If you are not quite sure where to get started with Marketing Club v2 and are not understanding the ToDo List and Milestone steps clearly, please reference the steps here under Getting Started with Marketing Club v2.

The most simple step in getting started without pouring over instruction is simply to Launch the Kickoff Campaign.

All campaign related articles can be found by clicking here