Part of the Marketing Club membership includes exclusive training sessions on our latest strategies and tools to improve your real estate marketing. These are called "Member Training Sessions."

Member Training Sessions usually happen on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 3pm CT, unless otherwise announced. You can register for these from your Marketing Club home page, and we will send regular announcements to members as well.

Should you miss a live broadcast of a Member Training Session, however, don’t worry! 
You can access the recording on the Monday following the live call from the Training Library. The Training Library contains the recordings of all the past Member Training Sessions we’ve hosted since the inception of the Marketing Club.

To Access the Training Library

  1. Scroll the to bottom of the page and click on "Member Training & Library"

Navigating the Training Library

There are two views of the Training Library: 

  1. Member Training Sessions by Topic
  2. Member Training Sessions by Date.

We encourage you to toggle between the two views to best enable you to find what you're looking for. For example, if you want to see a list of all the training sessions on "Online Reviews," then the Topic view would be best. But if you're searching for the training that happened two Wednesdays ago, maybe, then the Date view might be faster.

More information about the two views is below.

  1. Member Training Sessions by Topic

    The default view of the Resource Library, this is is a categorical list of past Member Training Sessions. Please note: Member Training Sessions in this view may appear in multiple categories if they cover multiple topics. Also, older and outdated Member Training Sessions will not appear here.

    We’ve hosted sessions on topics as wide as “New Agent Tips” to “Working with FSBOs.”

    Review the most recent and most popular Member Training Sessions under the category “Featured Sessions,” then use the grey Categories dropdown to explore the other topics available.

  2. Member Training Sessions by Date

    This is a reverse-chronological list (meaning the most recent is listed first) of all the Member Training Sessions we’ve hosted since the inception of the Marketing Club. Come to this view whenever you’re looking for a replay of a past session from a specific date.