The footer appears on every page of your AgentID Site, making it the perfect place to display your brokerage logo and legal information so that you stay in compliance with the many regulations we must follow in the real estate industry. To access your AgentID Site footer:

  1. Login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard
  2. Click on the Marketing Website link under the Marketing Product column.
  3. On the lefthand navigation bar, hover your mouse over "Site Settings"
  4. Click on "Footer"

STEP 1: Your Brokerage Logo and Information

On the resulting page, you will see two sections: "Footer Settings" and "Legal Page Settings." In this first section, you have three options:

  1. Brokerage Logo: Click on "Upload Logo" to be able to select your logo's image file from your computer or device. We recommend using a .png file with a transparent background, as this will look the best on the AgentID Site. 
  2. Brokerage URL for Image Link: When someone on your site clicks your brokerage logo, they will be taken to whatever website you put into this field. This can either be your brokerage's website or even your own personal website.
  3. FHA Logo: Check the box under the Fair Housing Act Logo icon to display it on the right side of your AgentID Site footer.

If you stopped at this point, your AgentID Site footer would look like this:

STEP 2: Legal Page Settings

Next is your Legal Page Settings, where you will add required files like the IABS or any disclaimers. You will complete the following steps to fill out your Legal Page Settings:

  1. Legal Notice Page Link Title: This will appear next to "Powered by My AgentID Site" in the center of your footer.
  2. Legal Notice Page Content: This section of the footer acts much like a blog post of the AgentID Site: it's a free-form space to write whatever you need to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Add Media" button on the AgentID Site footer DOES NOT allow you to upload PDFs to this section. 

Though you cannot upload PDFs or other media directly to the footer, you can add links. Simply upload the file to a cloud storage service of your choice, then copy what's called the "public share link." We like both Google Drive and Dropbox for this process.

You will then use the "Add Link" icon under the Visual tab of the Legal Notice Page Content box (it looks like a chain), to add as many hyperlinks as you need to. For example, on the AgentID Site shown below, we created a bullet point list of two legal notices we wanted to link to in our footer. We highlighted the text of the first -- "TREC Consumer Protection Notice" -- clicked on the "Add Link" icon, then pasted our Google Drive public share link to that file.

STEP 3: Save Your Changes

When you are finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of your AgentID Site footer settings page. To review your newly edited footer, go to the home page of your AgentID Site and scroll all the way to the bottom. 

You should see the brokerage logo you updated on the bottom left-hand side, your legal page title in the middle, and the Fair Housing Act logo on the right-hand side (if you checked the box to show this logo). 

If you click on your brokerage logo, you will be taken to the URL you added when setting up your Footer. 

If you click on the Legal Page title in the middle, you will be taken to a screen that looks like the one below. Note that this page has its own URL ( You can view a live version of this example page by clicking here.