Login to your Dashboard and click the 'Access' button on your AgentID Site product card. 

On the lefthand sidebar menu hover your mouse over Site Settings, then click on Footer

You will see this page: 

Upload your brokerage logo and brokerage URL. (When visitors click on your logo they will be taken to whatever URL you add here) 

Check the Equal Housing Opportunity box for the Fair Housing Act Logo to show in the footer. 

Scroll down to the Legal Page Settings.

Add a link title to your legal notice page.

Add your legal notice page content - this is where you can add your IABS and/or any other legal information you need on your site. 

When you are finished, click Save Changes at the bottom. 

To access your footer, go to the home page of your AgentID Site and scroll all the way to the bottom. 

You should see the brokerage logo you updated on the bottom left-hand side, your legal page title in the middle, and the Fair Housing Act logo on the right-hand side (if you checked the box to show this logo). 

If you click on your brokerage logo, you will be taken to the URL you added when setting up your Footer. 

If you click on the legal page title in the middle you will be taken here - your legal page where all of the information you added in the content section will appear.