What exactly is the Agent ID site used for other than just another site with information that we find our clients would find helpful?

  • The AgentID Site was created to be a compliment to your online presence. If you do not have a strong online presence, we recommend using the AgentID Site as your primary webpage. Add all of your Listings to the AgentID Site then share those listings to Facebook, share blogs on Facebook, use your Landing Page for lead generation, etc.
  • Check out Chris and Garry's examples at chrisscott.online and garrywise.online
  • Watch the Member Training Session on the AgentID Sites, where Chris describes exactly what you can expect from it and all of its features, as well as a demo on how to setup your own AgentID Site. You can access that video by following the link below.

How do I setup my AgentID Site?

When we want to add a listing to the AgentID site, why is the photo not displaying? 

  • You need to add a 'Featured Image' to your Listing as well as photos in the Gallery. The link below will give you step-by-step instructions on how to add a 'Featured Image'. 
  • How-To Add a Featured Image to Your Listing

The articles that you placed on the AgentID is there a source for that that we should change every so often (how often)?

  • The articles posted to the AgentID Sites are from the Monthly Value Program that come with your membership. We create these campaigns each month and auto-post the blogs to your AgentID Sites. There is no other source you can use for this, however, you can turn off the auto-posting if you do not want the blogs to be auto-posted once a month. The link below will give you step-by-step instructions on how to access your Monthly Value Program.
  • How-To Access Monthly Value Program (MVP) Campaigns 

Can I use a domain name that is being used by another website currently?

  • No, if you use a domain that is already setup with another website you will lose access to that website. Our AgentID Sites were designed to create an elegant, simple presence on the Internet to compliment your other websites, social media accounts, and anywhere else you show up online. They were not designed to replace any websites you already have created. 
  • We recommend using GoDaddy to purchase a new domain, they are the easiest to setup and one of the only registrars that do not require speaking to their Support team to change the DNS. The link below will give you step-by-step instructions on how to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy, as well as some tips on picking a domain name. 
  • How-To Purchase a Domain and Domain Name Tips

Can I add reviews to my AgentID Site?

Do the AgentID Sites have MLS and IDX capabilities?

  • The AgentID Sites currently do not have MLS or IDX capabilities. 

Do the AgentID Sites have RSS feed capabilities?

  • The AgentID Sites currently do not have RSS feed capabilities. 

Where can I put my IABS and Company Logo on my AgentID Site?

How can I change my AgentID Site photo?

My name is not right on my AgentID Site, how can I change it?

  • If your name on the AgentID Site is not appearing how you would like it to, please email support@thepaperlessagent.com with your domain name and the name your AgentID Site should display and we can change that for you.

Can I change my domain name after I've set up my AgentID Site?

Can I just point my domain to the AgentID Site?

  • No. You have to change the DNS Records on your AgentID Site or you will not be able to successfully set up your AgentID Site. 

How can I add my social media links to my AgentID Site?

Where can I find instructions on setting up a Landing Page on the AgentID Site?

How many Landing Page templates are there to choose from? Can I customize the Landing Pages?

Can I use my own photos for the Landing Page?

  • Yes! With the Freeform Landing Page template you can use your own photos to create your own Landing Page!
  • The recommended minimum image size is greater than (1024x768). 

Can I use my .realtor domain name?

  • Yes! You can absolutely use this domain name. You'll need to email NAR and let them know you want your DNS to be changed to point to the following records: 

How can you automate it so that new contacts gathered through AgentID Site landing pages are added to our CRM?

  • When contact information is submitted through an AgentID Site landing page, you will receive an email notification to the email address connected to your AgentID Site. This notification will contain all the information gathered on that landing page. At this time, we are not aware of a way to automate this process, but the good news is that, since the number of new contacts gained through these landing pages will likely be small, you will not have to dedicate much time to entering in new contacts.
  • How Leads From The AgentID Sites Work

Can we have another menu option next to “Listings” and “Contact” for “Offers” and have a list of all these landing pages we’ve created?

  • The reason we haven’t done that is because we wanted you all to have the freedom to create as many landing pages as you want without worrying that they’re making your website look cluttered or spammy. However, Chris has been thinking about the menu a lot lately, so we might make that an option in the future.

What is the recommended photo size for the AgentID Site (listings, logo, profile photo)?

  • Anything bigger than 150px is recommended however, the AgentID Site automatically resizes uploaded images to scale them accordingly. Modern browsers don't suffer from quality issues when resizing. 

Can I add additional plugins to my AgentID Site other than the Yoast Plugin?

  • The AgentID Sites cannot host any additional plugins other than Yoast at this time. The AgentID Sites are all on a server-wide template, which means that individual AgentID Site templates cannot be customized. 

For more information and instructional article on AgentID Sites follow the link below:

AgentID Site Solutions