Your AgentID Site is a separate web property from any other site you may own, but there are ways to "connect" them, in a sense.

Step 1: Add Your Other Website Link to Your AgentID Site

First, you can add a link to your other website in your AgentID Site's footer when you upload your business logo. The footer of your AgentID Site appears on all pages of your site, so visitors will always have the opportunity to see it. 

How-To Add Your Logo and Legal Info to the AgentID Site.

Note that you will only be able to add one link here. If you wish to add more links to your other web properties, consider writing a blog post and listing them there: How-To Post A Blog

Step 2: Add Your AgentID Site to Your Other Website

Next, you'll want to figure out how to direct people on your other website to your AgentID Site. This depends heavily on your other website: its functionality, its flexibility, etc.

A popular solution is this: If your other website has a menu bar with editable tabs, consider adding a tab labelled "Blog" and linking that to your AgentID Site. Then, when people on your other site click on the "Blog" tab of that site, they would be redirected to your AgentID Site.

This is a useful solution if you don't wish to undergo the manual effort of reposting the Monthly Value Program blog posts to your other site. Since the MVP blogs are automatically formatted, optimized, and posted to all AgentID Sites on the first of the month, this would save you quite a lot of time!

We encourage you to reach out to the technical support team of your other website for help accomplishing this, as they'll have the best technical knowledge of their own platform.