After you've completed the setup of your AgentID Site, your site is good to go. Because it will automatically get a new blog post added to it each month, you technically don't even have to touch it again in order for the site to present you as an active and knowledgeable expert in your market area.

But of course, there are a lot of other functionalities to the AgentID Site that you can utilize to improve your marketing and online presence! Below is a short list of the next steps you can take to enhance your new AgentID Site.

1. Upload Your Profile Picture

Your AgentID Site is meant to highlight you and your accomplishments, so we've dedicated a lot of real estate on the home page to your profile picture. Therefore, the very first thing you should do once you've setup your site is go upload one!

Your profile picture should be square. The AgentID Site will resize your photo automatically for you, but the source file should be larger than 400px by 400px to prevent pixelation. Get more instructions in the link below:

If you've setup your AgentID Site to represent you as an individual agent, a professional headshot would work best as your profile photo. If it's meant to represent a duo or team, consider adding a picture of where everyone is together.

If you'd like to add your logo, license numbers, or any other info to your profile picture, we recommend using, an online graphic design tool. It's free and super easy to use!

2. Pump Up Your Bio

During the AgentID Site setup, you had a chance to add your bio. But you can always change it! Refer to this Marketing Club exclusive resource to craft an awesome bio: 10-Step Bio-Writing Checklist

Because your bio appears next to your main photo on your AgentID Site, an extra-long entry might not look as nice as you'd like. So, if your bio is going to exceed about a 250 word count, consider authoring a blog post for it. Then you can have a short version of your bio display on your AgentID Site main page and include a link to the lengthier version. 

The links below will help you complete this process.

3. Add Your Legal Info 

There are some laws and regulations that require real estate agents to display certain information on their online profiles. Discuss with your broker what information you need to have on your marketing, then use the steps in the link below to add that to the footer of your AgentID Site, which appears on all pages of your site.

We also recommend that you add a Privacy Policy to your site. You can easily generate one and add it as a blog post to your site using the steps in this help article: Adding a Privacy Policy to Your AgentID Site

4. Look Like a Rockstar with Recommendations

A very important factor in getting your site visitors to believe in your character and competence is something called "social proof." It's a phenomenon in which people trust others' experiences. An easy way to include social proof on your AgentID Site is to add "Recommendations."

Recommendations are the AgentID Site version of testimonials or reviews. One option for you to get Recommendations for your AgentID Site is to ask your previous clients or colleagues to write a new one for you. Check out this Marketing Club resource for a template: Email Template for Reviews and Testimonials.

Another option is to simply copy and paste existing online reviews into the Recommendations area of your AgentID Site. Either way, you'll follow the steps in the help article below to add Recommendations to your site:

5. Market Your Properties for Sale

Another excellent way to add credibility to your site is to display the real estate that you are currently selling or have recently sold. If you're a new agent, or if you've not been a seller's agent before, ask a colleague if you can help them market one of their properties.

Use the help articles below to add a listing and open house to your AgentID Site:

6. Capture Leads on your AgentID Site with Landing Pages

Landing Pages are pages on your AgentID Site that prompt visitors to give their contact information in exchange for information from you. You can create as many landing pages on your AgentID Site as you please. They will not appear on the main site navigation, so you don't have to worry about them cluttering up your site and scaring away visitors. 

Review the help articles below for more information on how the landing pages on the AgentID Site work:

There are several pre-made templates for landing pages on the AgentID Sites that make setting up your first one a total breeze! Learn about each in the links below:

When someone fills out a landing page on your AgentID Site, they will receive an email confirmation. This gives you time to receive the lead and respond to them appropriately. You can review the auto-response emails in the article below: