Login to your Dashboard and Click on the 'View Your Site' link under "Tools" or scroll down to Section 2.

When you are in the Admin area of your new AgentID Site please navigate to the Site Settings menu on the left-hand side, there a pop-up menu will appear.  Click on "User Profile". 

When you get to the User Profile page, please scroll down until you see Account Management and Your Photo.

From here you can click on the Upload New Pic button and upload any photo from your computer. Most of our Agents are uploading a photo of themselves, but a company logo would work just fine as well!

Recommended Size: The image you use here should be square, and we recommend that it be greater than 400px by 400px.

When you have uploaded the photo you would like to use please scroll down to the bottom and click Update Profile.

Your photo has now been updated and will no longer be the big blue logo.