Many brokerages have rules or guidelines for their agents' business websites. The most common we hear is that you must prominently display your IABS form on your websites. Though the AgentID Site does not have a dedicated field for the IABS yet, there is a workaround that will satisfy that requirement: add a link to your IABS form in your bio. The AgentID Site bio appears on your home page and at the bottom of all other pages on the AgentID Site, including your listings, your blog posts, and your landing pages.

To edit your AgentID Site bio, visit your AgentID Site admin panel, which you can access through the AgentID Site course card in your Paperless Agent Dashboard

Click on "Site Settings" in the lefthand navigation bar of your AgentID Site admin panel, then select "User Profile."

This is where you will add your short bio and the link to your IABS form. Before you can do that, however, you must add your completed IABS form to a cloud storage service of your choice. We like both Google Drive and Dropbox for this process.

Once you've uploaded your IABS to your cloud storage service and gotten your public share link to that file, you will be able to add that link to your AgentID Site. This requires a small bit of code.

After you've entered the text of your marketing bio, create a space and enter in the following code. Note that there are two parts to this code you will need to edit: “http:// Internet URL goes here” and "Title the visitor sees." 

<a href=“http:// Internet URL goes here”>Title the visitor sees.</a>

Edit the title first. This is what will display in your bio and be clickable. Try something like "Click here for IABS information."

Next you'll want to copy the share link from your cloud storage service and place it in the first section of the code. Make sure to leave the quotation marks. Once you've done that, you'll scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the big blue button that says "Update Profile."

This is what your completed profile will look like:


If your link is not clickable, you might need to check the code. Sometimes an extra end quotes mark and a period appear and mess up the code's functionality. Go back to your User Profile and simply remove the extra punctuation, then click on "Update Profile" again.


You can also use this process to link back to your broker's website, or even add a link to a specific page on your AgentID Site. There is not technically a limit to how many links you can add in your AgentID Site bio, but we recommend that you limit it to two or three. Remember that this exact bio will appear on all pages of your AgentID Site.