There was an error when connecting my account(s). What do I do? 

It is important that you are able to connect your social media account(s) correctly to our system in order for the automated marketing campaign to run properly and have posts go out to Facebook & Instagram. 

If your account(s) are not connecting and/or you find that a part of your campaign has paused for a particular piece of content, there may be a interruption to your social media connection.

Fortunately, there are a number of 'fixes' that you may try in order to remedy the issue!

90% of the errors surrounding social media connection are solvable issues within Facebook & Instagram. Below is a troubleshooting guide for getting "unstuck" that we see most often. Click the links for specific help tutorials on that troubleshooting step:

1. Check your Facebook Business Page under Linked Accounts to make sure your Business Instagram account is connected 

2. Is your Instagram account a Business Account? 

3. Review Account Connection ("Confirm Access") for your Instagram account in the Meta Business Suite

4. Is your Facebook Business Page published?

5. Are you an owner/admin of the Facebook Business Page you are trying to connect? 

6. What is your Facebook Business Page status under Account Quality? Is it in good standing? Is it restricted? 

7. Does your Facebook Business Page have "Page Publishing Authorization"?  

8. Did you recently change your password or 2-factor authorization settings?

9. Have you set up 2-factor authorization?  

10. Run Facebook "Security Checkpoint"

11. Fix "Permission Error" With Facebook Business Integrations

12. Upon completion of any of the above troubleshooting steps whether it be 1 or ALL of them, please make sure to always 'unlink and relink' both Facebook & Instagram from the Paperless Agent Dashboard for good measure

If you have come to find that these troubleshooting steps are not solving your issues, please email us at, and a Customer Support Agent will help you. 

Please note that it can take a day or two for us to respond… especially if it’s over a weekend. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm Central Standard Time.

Thank you for your patience when working through these issues with us! Our goal is always to serve and solve your issue as soon as possible