Connecting your social media accounts to your AgentID Site has two major benefits:

  1. SEO - Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are credible and recognized sources of information about people and businesses. Because of this trust, search engines like Google put a lot of stock into the data they provide. Connecting your social media accounts to your AgentID Sites is the fastest way for Google to start acknowledging your site as an authority on your identity, which is crucial to getting your AgentID Site to show up on the first page of search results when people look for you online.
  2. Social Proof - Social proof is a powerful marketing tactic that you see everywhere in your daily life: online reviews to the side of an online order form or comments on an advertisement, for example. Having your social media accounts on your AgentID Site is a form of social proof for site visitors, demonstrating that you're a real person and providing them with additional avenues for learning about you to evaluate if they should see you as a reliable source of real estate information.

You'll be given the opportunity to connect your social media accounts to your AgentID Site during the initial setup process, or you can change them using the instructions in this help article: How to Add or Change Your Social Media Links

But before you do that, consider the below recommendations.

Should we use our business or personal social media accounts?

  • It depends. You want to make sure you can get found so it depends on what you use your business or personal accounts for. Chris normally recommends using your personal social media accounts. However, if your personal accounts are not related to anything you do professionally, use your business accounts. If you use your business accounts, make sure they include information describing who you are and what you do.

What is the best way for husband and wife teams to set up pages where they have separate social media accounts?

  • These sites are designed to act as individual sites, not team sites. Chris recommends setting up different agent sites if you each have your own social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) sites. If you are sharing a Marketing Club membership, Chris recommends you include a picture of both of you, include both of your names and bios and treat the team as one individual. He recommends using the URL of the more active social account of the two of you. For example, whoever is more active on Facebook, use their Facebook account URL.