A common disruption to social media connection status that will prevent the Paperless Agent from successfully running marketing automations & campaigns with your connected accounts is whether your Facebook & Instagram pages are published

Sometimes, not signing in to one account or the other for an extended period of time will result in your page becoming temporarily unpublished. 

In order to remedy this, simply sign in to both your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Navigate to your profiles and ensure that they are visible.

Once you have completed this, be sure to follow these steps in order to unlink and relink your accounts to the Paperless Agent Dashboard for good measure. 

If you have come to find that these troubleshooting steps are not solving your issues, please email us at support@thepaperlessagent.com, and a Customer Support Agent will help you. 

Please note that it can take a day or two for us to respond… especially if it’s over a weekend. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm Central Standard Time.

Thank you for your patience when working through these issues with us! Our goal is always to serve and solve your issue as soon as possible