In order to run Facebook Lead Ads from your AgentID Site, you will need to upload a privacy policy. Follow the instructions below for a walkthrough of creating a free privacy policy and adding it to your AgentID Site.

NOTE: This tutorial does not constitute legal advice. Always refer to a legal professional for legal advice.

Create a Privacy Policy

1. Visit

2. Mark the checkbox next to "I'll skip the Shopify trial for now, just create my policy"

3. Fill out your company information

4. Add your AgentID Site URL under "Enter your website information"

5. Leave the "My website uses cookies" box checked

6. Click "Send me my privacy policy"

7. Check your email for the email from Shopify (it will come from

8. Click on "Get your privacy policy now"

9. Clicking that link will take you to your privacy policy page

10. Click on "Copy to Clipboard"

Add the Privacy Policy to Your AgentID Site

The easiest way to add the Privacy Policy to your AgentID Site is to create a new blog post.

1. Login to your AgentID Site Admin Panel

2. Click on "Add New Post"

3. Title your post "Privacy Policy"

4. Paste the copied privacy policy from Shopify into the Body Text area, as below:

5. Be sure to read through the Shopify Privacy Policy, as there are several areas for you to edit / add your own information

6. Click Publish when you are ready to publish your Privacy Policy

7. Review an example here:

Tip: Change Your Publish Date

Whenever you add a new post to your AgentID Site, it will automatically be listed first on your home page. Your Privacy Policy doesn't necessarily need that kind of attention, however. To move your Privacy Policy post further down the list of your blog posts, all you need to do is change the publish date.

1. Click "Edit" next to "Publish immediately"

2. Change the date to before your first AgentID Site blog post to move it to the beginning of your blog post list

3. Click on Update / Publish