The Neighborhood Profile Pages on your AgentID Site will impress leads and online search engines with your local expertise and experience. Review an example Neighborhood Profile Page here.

NOTE: The "Neighborhoods" tab on your AgentID Site will not appear until you create your first Neighborhood Profile Page. You can add as many of these pages as you like.

To Create a Neighborhood Profile Page:

  1. Access your AgentID Site Admin Panel from your Paperless Agent Dashboard

  2. Select "Neighborhoods" on the lefthand navigation bar

  3. Select "Add Neighborhood"

  4. Create a Title (this should be an SEO-friendly title, as you would see in a blog post)
    Example: "Discover Tarrytown: Where Elegance Meets Convenience"

  5. Write in your Neighborhood Name (this should be quite short, as it appears in the menu dropdown)
    Example: "Tarrytown"

  6. Add a Description (information about your neighborhood)
    Use AI to write this content quickly! Get our ChatGPT prompt template here.

  7. Search for your neighborhood under "Map"

  8. Set your "Featured Image" (which will appear as the hero image of your Neighborhood Profile Page)

  9. Click "Publish"


  • Substitute a video for a static image as the hero graphic of your Neighborhood Profile Page. Simply click "Video" in the format box, then add your video's embed code or link.

    NOTE: If you wish to add a YouTube short, use the "Video Embed" option.

  • Improve your Neighborhood Profile Page's SEO with Yoast Learn more about Yoast.