To share any webpage (a blog post, listing landing page, Resource page, etc) from your AgentID Site in your marketing (on social media, through email, on postcards, etc), you will first need to get that webpage's URL. This is called that webpage's direct link.

Watch the demonstration below to learn how easy it is to find the direct link to a blog post on the AgentID Site. This is the same process you will follow for any page on your public-facing AgentID Site.

NOTE: The video below does not have audio.

What Not To Do

On some pages on your AgentID Site, you will see these social share icons, as shown below. We do not recommend relying on these to share your AgentID Site pages.

These icons are meant for your website visitors to share these posts with their network and are therefore very limited in their sophistication.

You will not be easily able to choose to which property you're sharing the webpage (i.e. your Facebook personal profile or your Facebook Business Page). You will also not have as many sharing customizations to make your post interesting to your followers.

Again, if you want to share an AgentID Site blog post or another webpage in your marketing, we recommend that you get the direct link as demonstrated above. You can then go directly to your social media channel of choice, create your post there, and then paste in your copied direct link.