The Listing Landing Pages of the AgentID Site are designed to beautifully highlight listings of your choice. They can be listings you've sold previously, that you're marketing for a colleague, that you create to convince a FSBO to list with you, or homes you're actually trying to sell right now.

If you are a new agent without any listings right now, don't worry. The Listings tab won't show up on your AgentID Site main navigation until you publish your first Listing Landing Page.

Please review the steps below to create a Listing Landing Page on your AgentID Site:

  1. Add a new listing
  2. Listing Photos
  3. Featured Photo
  4. Listing Description and Details
  5. How to Publish Your Listing

Add a New Listing

To post a new listing, login to your AgentID Admin Panel. Navigate to the 'Listings' button on the left hand side bar menu, a drop down menu will appear. Click on 'Add Listing'.

Now it's time to start adding in your Listing information! In the top box, add the title of your listing. Most people choose the address as the title. 

Listing Photos

The recommended image size for listings on the AgentID Site is 1200x730. To add photos to your listing, click on the blue 'Add to gallery' button. 

To add images to your Gallery, you can either click and drag them from your desktop into this page, or you click click on 'Select Files' and upload them from your computer. 

Once you have uploaded the photo you want to use, it will automatically be put in your Media Library. When it is done uploading click the blue 'Select' button. 

When you have added all of the photos you wish to be see on that listing, you will see them in the 'Listing Gallery' Box! 

Featured Photo

A Featured Photo is the photo seen on the left side of the listing example below. The Featured Photo is the photo that will be shown on your AgentID Site before they click on the Listing. 

Please navigate to the 'Featured Image' box on the right hand side of the screen. Then click 'Set Featured Image'.

You can either upload a new photo for your Featured Image or you can use one that was already in your Media Library. Once you choose the photo you want to use click 'Set Featured Image'. 

Once you have selected your Featured Image you will be able to see it in the 'Featured Image' box on the right hand side. 

*PLEASE NOTE* The Featured Image does not save until you hit the 'Publish' button.

Listing Description and Details

When you are ready to add a description to your listing, you can enter that information into the 'Listing Description' Box. There is no save button in the Listing Description box, so whatever you type in there will be published as soon as you press the publish button :)

When creating listings you will notice two description boxes available for adding details about your newly created listing. The Layout 1 description box, that is shown on top, provides the description for the listing when a client selects the specific listing for more details. 

The Layout 2 description box details the specified listing from the list view when all listings created are shown. 

Description Box 1:

Description Box 2:

For the Listing Details please choose the current status of your listing from the first drop down menu. 

After you have chosen the status of your listing, you can enter in the rest of your listing details in the boxes accordingly.

To Publish Your New Listing Post

Before you publish your new listing post, click 'Preview' to make sure you have all the information entered that you would like and that it is appealing to you. Once you are satisfied with your post, click 'Publish'. Voila! Your new Listings Post is now published on your page!

You can view all of your listings under the listings tab. If you post has '-Draft' next to it, that means it has not been published. 

You can also choose to set your listing as "Pending Review" by clicking "Edit" next to "Status." This would be useful if you want to keep your listing under wraps for a while to show it to a seller first, as this makes your listing viewable only to those who have the direct link to the page.