The easiest way to re-arrange your listings is to change the date of each Listing. 

To do so, you'll first need to login to your Dashboard and access your AgentID Site. 

If you have not setup your AgentID Site yet, check out this article

Once you have accessed your AgentID Site, navigate to the 'Listings' section on the left hand side-bar menu. 

Hover your mouse over the title of the Listing you are wanting to move or re-arrange. Then click 'quick edit' 

Change the date on the Listing to re-arrange that Listing. Then click Update. 

For Example if you wanted to move the "123 Main Street" Listing below the "Sold! 6605 Toolwrich Ln Austin Texas 78739" Listing, then you would change the date of "123 Main Street" to 2017/04/20. Which would then change the order of your Listings and put "123 Main Street" below "Sold! 6605 Toolwrich Ln Austin Texas 78739".

Once you update and refresh your page, you'll then see the new order your Listings are arranged in. 

You will need to change the date of all Listings you are wanting to re-arrange. 

If you have any questions or need any additional help please email!