As you're creating your Property Landing Page (or Listing Landing Page) for the home you're advertising, you can add information about an open house event for the home. You can only have information about one open house event at one time on the page, but you can change the date and time of the open house as often as necessary.

To add open house event information to your listing, find the section titled "Open House" in your listing page:

Check the box to reveal the following fields. Fill them out as appropriate, and add two images.

When you're done, scroll up to the top of your Listing Page and click on "Publish" or, if you've already published the page and are making changes, "Update."

When you've successfully added an open house event to your listing landing page, you will see two red buttons appear at the top of your page, as shown below:

Visitors to your page will click on the those red buttons to see your open house event's pop-up flyer, which looks like this: