Our AgentID Sites were designed to create an elegant, simple presence on the Internet to complement your other websites, social media accounts, and anywhere else you show up online. They're the perfect solution for real estate professionals who don't have a website yet, or don't have one that you have much control over. Best of all, the AgentID Sites included for FREE in your monthly Marketing Club subscription. 

See an example AgentID Site here.

Why Should You Setup an AgentID Site?

Setting up your AgentID Site today will afford you the following benefits:

  • Stronger online presence so you will potentially show up on more search results when someone searches for you

According to a recent Google study, real estate searchers researched their prospective agent online extensively before contacting them, even if that agent was a personal referral. That means that while they're deciding if they want to work with you, they're looking not just at your main website, but every link that appears on that first page of Google search results. Therefore, it's critical that those web profiles create a positive impression... otherwise you're losing money big time!

  • We automatically publish blog content once a month on your site so you will always have fresh information for your audience

A positive impression from your online presence will encourage your leads to send that email or pick up the phone to call you. For that to happen, your leads need to feel like you're a knowledgeable market expert who is currently active in the industry. With a variety of new blog content added to each month, your AgentID Site helps you create this impression effortlessly!

  • Add your listings to your site using our property landing page template to get additional exposure and run Just Listed advertising campaigns

Exclusive info about homes is one of the top reasons people visit real estate websites these days. The AgentID Site property landing pages allow you to upload listing photos, property tour videos, interactive maps, and more, making the homes you have for sale look their best for potential buyers... or potential seller leads who want to see what kind of marketing you do. Learn more about the property landing pages here.

  • Create your own lead generation landing pages with our easy-to-use templates built right in

Create a variety of lead generation marketing campaigns with our landing page templates. Never have to worry again about writing copy, making sure all your call-to-action buttons work, or if you've setup your lead delivery system up correctly. Review more info about our landing page templates here.