For each Monthly Value Program, we include a Calendar of Activities so you can be sure to implement all the components of the MVPs with maximum effectiveness. This calendar is included the campaign materials as a PDF, and as of March 2020, we have also created it as an interactive Google calendar.

You can find the Google calendar version of the Calendar of Activities on the MVP page:

The Google calendar will automatically show you today's date, but you can use the arrows at the top left corner to scroll through the months. You can use the tabs at the top right to change whether you look at a week's overview, a month's overview, or an agenda view, which is a list of all the activities on the calendar.

Click on an activity to view more details about what it takes to implement that activity:

If you use Google Calendar yourself, you can choose to "Copy to my calendar" to add each individual activity to your own calendar. Alternatively, click on the "+Google Calendar" button at the bottom right to subscribe to the calendar as a whole.