In this video, we give you three tips for getting started with your Marketing Club membership:

1. Make sure you're receiving our emails.

During your membership, you'll receive emails announcing new resources, recapping training sessions, and inviting you to periodic live classes. Stay in the loop by keeping us our of your Spam folder (or, if you're a Gmail user, out from under the Promotions tab.) Review the help article below for instructions:

How to Keep Paperless Agent Emails in Your Inbox

2. Log into your Customer Dashboard

Bookmark the Dashboard URL so you never forget where to go to find your Marketing Club materials:

If you're having trouble logging into the Dashboard, review this help article: Log In Solutions 

3. Get familiar with the Dashboard

There's a lot of value in the Marketing Club membership, so there's a lot to look at once you login to the Dashboard. Don't be afraid to start clicking around, and make sure to check out these help articles for even more tips on getting started:

P.S. - If you run into any problems, please email us at and a Member Success Representative will help you with any issues you have. Please keep in mind, it can take a day or two for us to respond… especially if it’s over a weekend. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm Central Standard Time.