When the email campaign is sent to our contacts, what is the email address is will be coming from?

  • The email address the campaign will have been sent from will be postmaster@marketing.thepaperlessagent.com. We created our own email server for the Marketing Suite to ensure the highest level of deliverability, i.e. to make sure that your newsletters don’t end up in anyone’s Junk folders!
  • Please note, however, that your clients will see your name in their inboxes, and that the reply-to address will be your personal email account!


What’s the benefit to using this over an email service like MailChimp?

  • The Marketing Suite is included at no extra cost in your Marketing Club membership, so if you’ve been searching for an email marketing solution but have been hesitant to pull the trigger based on budget concerns, then the Marketing Suite is a great resource for you!
  • Also, the Marketing Suite was partly designed to help simplify the process of sending out the Monthly Value Programs, so if you use the MVPs, then the Marketing Suite should be a good complement to your regular activities. These newsletters are already templated and ready for use, so there’s no additional coding or design you have to do to send them to your network.
  • If you have an email marketing service that you’re happy with already, then by all means keep using it, however!


How many email addresses can you send newsletters to through the Marketing Suite?

  • There’s no limit! Just note that if your database is large, it might take longer for the Marketing Suite to complete the process of sending all the emails.


What are “suppressed subscribers”?

  • When someone unsubscribes from your newsletters, they will become a “suppressed subscriber.” They will be removed from your list and you will not be able to re-add them.
  • This is to ensure the highest level of deliverability of newsletters from the Marketing Suite.


Can you save your signature to use in multiple newsletters?

  • Yes! Any changes to your Bio field will be saved and show up automatically on the next campaign you use.


Is this email formatted for CAN-SPAM?

  • Yes! Each newsletter includes a link to unsubscribe, making it compliant with CAN-SPAM.


What is your best practice suggestion for keeping this list updated?

  • Since the Marketing Suite is primarily for sending out the Monthly Value Programs at this time, we recommend simply updating your contacts list once a month, right before you are ready to send out the campaign.


When someone unsubscribes from a newsletter, do we need to do anything?

  • No, the unsubscribe process is immediate and automatic.
  • If you are using another service to send emails as well, make sure you unsubscribe that contact from those as well.


Can we personalize the introduction with the contact’s name?

  • Yes, by using a bit of code called a merge field!
  • Write {first_name} in the intro field where you would input a client's name ("Hi {first_name)," for example) and the name will be pulled from your subscriber list.


Can we send other campaigns or just the Monthly Value Programs?

  • Right now, you can only send the templates included in the library from the Marketing Suite. Most of these are based on the Monthly Value Programs, but we do plan to grow this library pretty quickly.
  • For example, check out the template titled “Hidden Housing Market”!


Is it possible to edit these templates?


Does the headline remain “bio” even if you’re only putting in your contact information and not your full bio?

  • The title “bio” in the Marketing Suite editor is only available to you and will not be seen by the people you’re sending messages to.


My CRM already has an email marketing feature that I’m happy with. I just need content to send.

  • Then we definitely recommend checking out the Monthly Value Programs course card from your Paperless Agent Dashboard!

How can I integrate the Marketing Suite with Infusionsoft?

  • To get a CSV file of your contacts from Infusionsoft, check out this help article.
  • There is not a way to add the templates in the Marketing Suite to the email templates available in Infusionsoft at this time.

What was the Gmail trick you demonstrated during the Marketing Suite walkthrough?

  • Gmail includes the ability for you to create multiple “fake” email addresses by adding a slight modification to your real email. All you have to do is add “+term” after the first part of your email address, where “term” is anything you’d like it to be. For example, “support+priority@thepaperlessagent.com” instead of “support@thepaperlessagent.com.”