Drive Traffic to Your AgentID Site with Yoast and Google Analytics

I don’t even know what I don’t know. Why should I setup the AgentID Site?

  • Real Estate websites have three main purposes: 
    • To create your professional presence online
    • For lead generation
    • For brand/branding/reputation
  • Having a professional presence online is important because the client will almost always research you before working with you because they want to know more about you.
  • The ultimate purpose of your AgentID site is to help satisfy your clients’ need for information about you, and over time, to get you more traffic from search engines like Google.

How do I know if the steps I just did worked?

  • Mouse over the Yoast side bar menu and click “Search Console.” If there’s something in that tab as opposed to nothing, you have performed the setup correctly. 
  • Next, go to your AgentID site settings, under “Main Settings,”and ensure that the Google Analytics Code is still there.

With the AgentID website, are we getting landing pages for buyers and sellers?

  • Not yet. Right now, lead generation is not the main purpose of the AgentID sites, though we are making strides to give you more opportunities to lead generate from the AgentID sites. 
  • For example, check out our call on November 16th, 2016 Member Training Session, which describes how to setup and use the Market Updates Landing Pages to generate leads. Using Market Updates to Find and Filter Motivated Clients

Can you demonstrate what it would look like to use Yoast to optimize a listing landing page on the AgentID Site?

  • Yes! You can watch that demonstration starting at the 13-minute mark of Video 7: Q&A Part 1.

There were several lines of sitemaps generated with Yoast. Do you need to add all of them to the search console?

  • You do not need to add all of them. You only need to a one or two. The other ones that are generated are just back-ups.

If you redirect your URL, would you have to redo this process of setting up Google Analytics?

  • It’s hard to tell and might depend on the situation, but you will most likely have to.

In the Social Yoast area, do we put our personal profile in the first tab and then our business profile in the Facebook tab?

  • Yes, that is correct.

If I have already unsuccessfully started with Google Analytics, and have info for my main website input in the account and property field, should I create a new account for a new property for my AgentID site?

  • Yes. If you ever encounter problems with Google Analytics, try these troubleshooting tips before contacting someone for help:
    • Make sure you’re not using an old Google Analytics code
    • Make sure you have copy and pasted the provided code into the correct box

When you post for us, does that include our name or yours?

  • Your website is all about you, so every post that is on your website will have your name, including the ones that we post for you.

Is there a way to seamlessly link site visitors to our IDX site?

  • No, there are no IDX features on the AgentID Site.

If you redirect a URL, do you have to do the setup for both domains or just one?

  • You only have to complete the setup for the destination domain.

What is the point of linking my Facebook profile to Yoast?

  • It helps Google go through your website and find relevant information about you.
  • This, in turn, will improve your rankings in search results, making it easier for potential clients to find quality information when they research you.

Is there a cost for WordPress if Yoast is not available for my other website?

  • If your other website is not on WordPress, you might have to ask your web provider if there are any plugins like Yoast that they can provide to you.

Do I have to use a different tracking ID for every website?

  • Yes. For each website you have, you must create a new property and get a new tracking code.

What should I use for the site tagline?

  • Try to use something very descriptive that will help you to easily identify which site you’re interacting with.

Is this like the Facebook tracking pixel?

  • It is very similar to the Facebook Tracking Pixel. For more training on how to use the Facebook Tracking Pixel, refer to our Advanced Facebook Ad Tactics and Campaigns Member Training Session.

Should we have a second Google account to handle all of this?

  • No. Try to stick with one.

In the future, will we be able to see the site traffic on our AgentID site?

  • Yes! This is the purpose of Google Analytics. 
  • The only reason you can’t see traffic immediately is because Google Analytics needs time to gather data. Check back in a month or so to see how much traffic your website is receiving.

Do you install Yoast, or do we?

  • We install Yoast on your AgentID Site, but you will need to install it yourself if you want to use the plugin on

another Wordpress website.