As of March 2021, brandable social media images are now a standard offering of the Marketing Club's client marketing campaigns, called the Monthly Value Programs (MVPs).

Using the free design tool Canva, you can take the professional designs we've created for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts and make them your own. You can swap out images, change colors, add your contact information and logo -- whatever you wish!

Watch the video below to learn how to completely customize the social media images, or how to simply add your logo to the ready-made graphic.


  • Canva is trying to charge me money to download the image. I thought you said it was free?

To make the best graphics for your social media, we use some "Canva Pro" elements, like images, patterns, and fonts. These elements are included in the paid Canva Pro membership, but you DO NOT have to pay for Canva to use or even customize the designs included in your Marketing Club membership.

Your first option is to swap out the Canva Pro elements for free elements. For example, if there's a "Canva" watermark over the photo, delete it and search for a free image in Canva (or upload one of your own) to replace it.

If you want to keep the overall design of the graphic, but simply add your logo to it, then your second option is to download the "ready-made" image from the MVP. Add it to your Canva account under your "Uploads," and make your changes. Because you added the image yourself, you will not have to pay anything else for it!