Lifestyle Maps are something created by Garry Wise to help prevent buyer's remorse in his homebuyer clients and to engage his seller clients during the listing appointment. They also make a fabulous marketing piece, showing prospective buyers the very best attractions around your listings.

See how to create a Google Lifestyle Map here.

Google Lifestyle Maps are an excellent addition to your property landing pages, as they will help boost your SEO. And now you can add them to your AgentID Site!

Step 1: Create a Property Landing Page for your listing. Review this help article for more details.

Step 2: Find the Custom Map Embed Code Checkbox. If you do not check this box, your Property Landing Page will still have a map -- it will just be one automatically generated from the address you input for the home. To use your Google Lifestyle Map instead, select the box here.

Step 3: Get your Google Lifestyle Maps embed code.

Step 4: Add the embed code to your Property Landing Page. Make sure to edit the width in the embed code to say "100%".

Step 5: Publish your Property Landing Page. This is what your new map for your listing will look like on your AgentID Site.