To send newsletters from the Marketing Suite, you must first create a "subscriber list," which is simply a list of contacts to whom you want to send email marketing messages. To create a subscriber list:

  1. Login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard

  2. Click on "Email Newsletters" under the "Agent Marketing Tools" card

  3. Scroll down to "Your subscriber lists" and click on "Create List"

  4. Enter a name for your list

    TIP: Try to develop a naming convention for your lists to keep yourself organized. For example, "New Contacts - October 2021."

  5. Click "Create List"

Adding Contacts to Your Subscriber Lists

Once you create your list, then you can add contacts to it. There are two ways to add contacts to your subscriber lists: one by one or by uploading a CSV file. Read on for instructions for both methods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All three fields are required to add a contact (first name, last name, and email address). If you don't know the name of your subscriber, use something generic, like "Friend 1" and "Friend 2." However, please note that your subscriber will see the name you give them.


  1. Under "Your subscriber lists," find the list you want to add contacts to and click "Edit"

  2. Under "Add Subscriber," enter the information of your contact.

  3. Click "Add" 


  1. Under "Your subscriber lists," find the list you want to add contacts to and click "Edit"

  2. Under "Import a CSV," click "Attach CSV"

  3. Find a CSV of the contacts you wish to upload from your computer

    TIP: Most CRMs have the ability to export your contacts as a CSV. Email their support team if you have trouble finding that option on your app.

  4. Match your CSV fields

    NOTE: The Marketing Suite only uses three fields currently (first name, last name, and email address). Using the dropdowns, match the appropriate column names, and select "ignore" for any extras.

  5. Select "Import Data"

If you have any trouble uploading a CSV of your contacts, please review this help article.