If you are having trouble logging in there could be a couple of different reasons. 

1. You need to clear your cache: What this means is that your computer is holding old information (emails, usernames, passwords) that could be blocking you from logging in. Follow the instructions here to clear your cache and try logging in again. How to Clear Your Cache

2. You have multiple accounts: What this means is we have more than one account for you under more than one email. If you have multiple emails, please email us with the list of potential addresses along with the one you would like to be the primary (the one used to log in and receive emails) and we can begin merging your accounts and getting you squared away. 

3. Your account has become inactive: What this means is that your method of payment is no longer valid or your membership was previously cancelled. Please let us know what email your account is under and we can certainly check both of those for you. If you have a new method of payment, we can update that and get it processed immediately. 

After checking the above, we will need you to log in using the credentials below. Make sure to use either Firefox or Google Chrome when signing in; our site doesn't play well with Internet Explorer.

Bookmark the Paperless Agent Dashboard URL:


Check out the Resource Library, where you can find past Coaching Club Sessions and corresponding resources. Coaching Club Sessions are conveniently archived in the Resource Library for you to access at your convenience. They are also referred to as Coaching Calls and Coaching Club webinars. Just remember-- they are always on Wednesdays, and if you miss the live session, you can access the recording in your Resource Library a couple days later.

Coaching Club Sessions are cast live every first and third Wednesday of each month! Just a heads up, you might get emails to attend webinars on Thursdays, but as a current Coaching Club member, you don't need to attend Thursday webinars, because they are sales calls. Unfortunately the system does not always recognize that the invitation it is sending to our sales webinar is going to a current member, so we apologize in advance if you accidentally receive a Thursday webinar invitation!

To access your Resource Library:

1. Sign In to your Paperless Agent Dashboard

Sign In

2. Select Access on the Coaching Club card. You will also find the cards for your specialized training programs here as well.


CC Access

3. You can access the Resource Library from the drop down menu on the left hand side.