To set up your AgentID Site please follow the instructions below:

The following information will help you access your account. Make sure to use either Firefox or Google Chrome when signing in; our site doesn't play well with Internet Explorer.

Once you are logged into your Dashboard, click the "Marketing Website" tab under the Marketing product card. 

When you reach this landing page you will have two options:

If you have NOT purchased a Domain already and need to do so, please click on the green 'Purchase Domain' button and follow those instructions. When you have finished purchasing your Domain you can pick back where you left off on these instructions :)


If you have already purchased a Domain and are ready to link it to your new AgentID site please click on the blue 'Setup Domain' button and continue with these instructions. 

If you have a brand new Domain that you have not used before, you may enter it in the 'My Domain:' box, and click the blue 'Setup Profile' button.

If you are using a Domain that has been previously used for another website please follow the instructions on the GoDaddy PDF to switch over to the AgentID Sites. Once you are all set with the DNS, enter you domain name into the 'My Domain:' box, and click the blue 'Setup Profile' button.

Enter in all of your information into the appropriate boxes, then click 'Next'.

Please note if you do not put a valid email address in, the 'Contact Me' feature on your AgentID site will not work. 

Click on the orange rectangle to change your primary theme color for your AgentID site, then click 'Next'.

Enter in all of your social media site URL's to link them to your AgentID site, then click 'Next'.

When you have reached this page your setup is complete! Click on the blue 'Access Dashboard' button to be forwarded to your new AgentID Site! 

Please note it may prompt you to login after clicking on the 'Access Dashboard' button. You will login using your regular Paperless Agent dashboard login and password.