NOTE THAT: Marketing Club v2 users can find the Agent ID Personal Website tool on their dashboard homepage by simply scrolling down to The Right Tools for the Job

The AgentID Site FAQ help article may be found by clicking here.

To set up your AgentID Site please follow the instructions below:

The following information will help you access your account. Make sure to use either Firefox or Google Chrome when signing in; our site doesn't play well with Internet Explorer.

Once you are logged into your Dashboard, click the "Tools" tab at the top or go to Section 2. 

Then click on "View Your Site"

The info below will detail the steps of the setup wizard. Note that you can always make changes to the information you input here, so try not to overthink anything!

Step 1: Review the Benefits of the AgentID Site

The first screen you will see is a brief overview of the benefits of the AgentID Sites. Click here to learn even more. Once you've reviewed the information, click the "Next" button to proceed to step 2 of the AgentID Site setup.

Step 2: Input Your Contact Information

The next screen is where you will confirm your contact information. Most of this is pulled from your Paperless Agent account, so make sure to update it to reflect how you want your contact information to display on your customer-facing site.

Note: Do not change your email address. This will cause login issues with your AgentID Site and the Paperless Agent Dashboard. If you wish to change your email address on file with us, please email into

Once you've confirmed your info, click "Next."

Need help crafting an awesome bio? Check out these resources:

Step 3: Choose Your Theme Color

The AgentID Sites are a template, which means they will all have the same basic look. The theme color is an accent to that and is what people will see when they hover over links on your site, for example. 

Click the orange box to change your theme color (you can click and drag in the slider or enter a specific hex code). When you've selected your color, click on "Next."

Step 4: Connect Your Social Media Profiles

In this step, you'll be adding links to your social media profiles. Connecting your social media accounts to your AgentID Site has two major benefits:

  1. SEO - Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are credible and recognized sources of information about people and businesses. Because of this trust, search engines like Google put a lot of stock into the data they provide. Connecting your social media accounts to your AgentID Sites is the fastest way for Google to start acknowledging your site as an authority on your identity, which is crucial to getting your AgentID Site to show up on the first page of search results when people look for you online.

  2. Social Proof - Social proof is a powerful marketing tactic that you see everywhere in your daily life: online reviews to the side of an online order form or comments on an advertisement, for example. Having your social media accounts on your AgentID Site is a form of social proof for site visitors, demonstrating that you're a real person and providing them with additional avenues for learning about you to evaluate if they should see you as a reliable source of real estate information.

Visitors to your site will be able to access the social media profiles you add here via icons on your site, so make sure the links you include here are to profiles that represent you and your business well. We recommend a Facebook Business Page that has your name, for example. 

And if you don’t use a social media platform listed here, that’s okay! Just leave it blank and click "Next."

Need to update your social media links on your AgentID Site? Click here: 

Step 5: Choose Your Domain Name

In this final step of the setup, you’ll choose whether you want to use what’s called a “subdomain” or a “root domain.” We have several articles in the Help Center to help you understand the difference between these two options and decide which one is right for you.

If you’re at all unsure, we highly recommend using the subdomain option to start. It’s free and quick, and you can change it later.

Click either the "Choose Subdomain" or "Choose Root Domain" button, enter your domain name, then click on "Finish Setup."

Note: If you choose the Root Domain option, you will need to change the DNS records on your site before the setup will be complete. Refer to the following help articles for instructions on how to change the DNS records:

1. How To Change GoDaddy DNS Records
2. Non-GoDaddy Domain Instructions

Step 6: Begin Customizing Your AgentID Site

When you have reached this page your setup is complete! Click on the blue 'Access Dashboard' button to be forwarded to your new AgentID Site!