On many of the posts we publish for you on Instagram, the "Call to Action" will be for your audience to refer to your blog post for more information. This creates and reaffirms their impression that you're a trustworthy source of valuable market information.

Instagram allows for just one clickable link on your whole account, located in your Instagram profile. Other links included in post captions, for example, will just be text and will be very difficult for your audience to interact with. For that reason, it's become common practice on Instagram to direct people to what's called your "Instagram Bio Link."

Each month, we will request that you change your Instagram Bio Link to be the current month's blog post on your AgentID Site. Check out the instructions below for how to find your blog post link and then update your Instagram profile with it.

STEP 1: Get the Link from Your AgentID Site

STEP 2: Update Your Instagram Bio Link

It's actually easiest to update your Instagram Bio Link on the desktop version of Instagram. Watch the demonstration video below for the instructions.

Note: If you're comfortable updating your bio on the mobile app, please go ahead and do it that way instead. There is no advantage to either method other than personal ease of use.