When you register to attend a Member Training Session, you will automatically be put on the list to receive a link to a replay. This will be sent to the email address you used to register for the session, and you will receive it on the same day as the live broadcast.

When we host live webinars such as Member Training Sessions, we open the webinar room up a few minutes (sometimes up to 10 minutes) early to allow people to join the webinar and to ensure that that we have time to fix any technology issues if some arise. We do not typically speak or share video during this early join time.

The replay video you will receive via email is what's called a "replica replay," which means that it will replicate exactly the webinar as it happened in real time. Therefore, replica replays will also have a few minutes of silence at the beginning, just like our live broadcasts. 

When viewing the replay, you can either wait until we begin speaking, or you can open the video in YouTube and use the video controls there to skip ahead. To open the video in YouTube, simply hover over the video player and click on the "YouTube" logo in the bottom right corner.

Trouble Viewing the Replica Replay?

1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome as your web browser, as this experiences the fewest technology issues.

2. Click the play button. The replay will not start until you click the button in the center of the screen to start the video.

3. Not sure if it's working? Remember that there might be some silence at the beginning of a replica replay, just as there was in the live broadcast. Click on the YouTube link in the bottom right corner to open the video in YouTube where you can view the time of the video as well as pause, rewind, and skip forward.