When you register to attend a Member Training Session, you will automatically be put on the list to receive a link to a replay. This will be sent to the email address you used to register for the session, and you will receive it on the same day as the live broadcast.

The replay email will come from webinar.host@bigmarker.com, so make sure to whitelist that address in your email so that you don't miss these notifications. Below is an example of a replay video. Click on the button labelled "Watch the Recording" to view the replay.

Some Helpful Links:

Watching The Same-Day Replay

The replay video you will receive via email is what's called a "replica replay," which means that it will replicate exactly the webinar as it happened in real-time. Therefore, replica replays will also have a few minutes of "fluff" at the beginning, just like our live broadcasts where we say hello to attendees and go over some housekeeping items. 

When viewing the replay, you can either watch through these intro minutes, or you can use the video controls to skip ahead. The video controls are found in the bar at the bottom of the video, once you click the large "Play" button.

The video controls also allow you to review the chat as it happened during the live broadcast, and also view the recording in full-screen. All these options are illustrated below.

Rather Watch an Edited Recording and Get the Resources?