Leads are collected in numerous places throughout the AgentID Sites, such as on landing page templates and when someone clicks on "Schedule a Tour" on a listing landing page. You can see all leads submitted through your AgentID Site on a widget on the AgentID Site Admin panel, shown here: 

Each time a contact form is submitted on the AgentID Site, you will receive an email notification containing the information submitted on that form. The email will come from support@myagent.site (so make sure to whitelist that email address!) and will have the subject line "AgentID Site Contact Form Submission from {name}."

What the contact submits:

What you will receive:


You will need to manually respond to the contact using their information found in that message. Don't just hit "Reply"; that email will come to us instead of going to your lead!

We encourage you to test out a contact form on your AgentID Site to see how it works! Just make sure to use a different email address than the one connected to your Paperless Agent account as those will get filtered out.