To access your Resource Library:

1. Sign In to your Paperless Agent Dashboard

Sign In

2. Select Access on the Coaching Club card. You will also find the cards for your specialized training programs here as well.


CC Access

3. You can access the Resource Library from the left hand tool bar. 

When you click on the Resource Library tab, you will see a list of Coaching Club Sessions, Coaching Club Basics, and Filebox. To view a Coaching Call, you can search by topic or date. To access the call you will just click the link!

Each Coaching Call will have a list of all of the Resources discussed at the top of the page, and the videos will be towards the bottom. The videos are split up and numbered for your convenience :)

We split up the videos into segments, to make it easier for members to review. Each segment will have the title of the topic of the segment at the top, and will show how long each segment is. You have the option to mark each video complete so you can keep track of your progress :)