To create an Expert Home Analysis Landing Page, complete the following steps:

  • Sign into your AgentID Site
  • Find and hover over the “Landing Pages” option in the lefthand navigation bar
  • Select “Add Landing Page”
  • Under “Page Template” on the righthand side of the page, select “Expert Home Analysis” from the dropdown menu
  • Add a title for your landing page
    • The permalink is created from this title, so make sure to be descriptive but don’t make it too long
  • Edit any of the copy you wish to edit
  • Enter the header for your lead form
  • Enter the button text for your lead form
  • Add any additional questions or fields you would like to ask
    • The form already asks the following questions, so you won't need to add any of these:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email address
      • Property address
      • Number of bedroom
      • Number of bathrooms
      • Square footage
  • Click the "publish" button in the top right hand corner when you're done. 

Visual Instructions

1. Login to your AgentID Admin Page


2. On the left hand side menu, click on 'Landing Pages' > 'Add Landing Page'


3. Choose the 'Expert Home Analysis' template under 'Page Template'. Fill out the title for your Landing Page. 

4. Edit any of the copy that you wish to edit.

5. Edit the lead form as you see fit. (To add custom questions or fields, click the blue "Add Question/Field" button)

6. When you are finished, navigate to the top of the page and click 'Publish'. 


Expert Home Analysis Landing Page Example:

When a lead fills out your Expert Home Analysis Landing Page form, they will immediately receive the following email, which cannot be edited or altered:

"Thanks for visiting my website! The information you asked for is on the way… I will send it to you as soon as it’s ready. Is there any more info I can send you? Just reply to this email if you would like any additional market information or if you have questions about a specific property. Thanks!"

You will then need to follow up with that lead manually. Learn more about how leads on the AgentID Sites work in this help article.