Login to your AgentID Admin Page


On the left hand side menu, click on 'Landing Pages' > 'Add Landing Page'


Choose the 'Freeform' template under 'Page Template'. Fill out the title for your Landing Page. Then choose a photo to appear in the background of your Landing Page. 

*HINT* The example on the right hand side under the 'Publish' box, will show you where your edits will go when your Landing Page is complete. 

Fill out the appropriate fields, and choose an input type. (In this example, the input type is Email). 

Page Title

Title Copy

Popup Form Title 

Popup Form Copy

IMPORTANT: If you are wanting to ask leads for phone numbers, or any other information that is not a 'field' in the Freeform Landing Page, you'll want to change that input type to General Text. We do not have any specific fields for phone numbers, you will need to change the input type to General Text if you want any additional information that is not already a 'field'.

*We don't usually suggest requesting phone numbers, since online leads are less likely to give up that information.*

When you are finished, navigate to the top of the page and click 'Publish'. 

Freeform Landing Page Example:


To view the Coaching Call Cheat Sheet for this Coaching Call click the link below: 

Advanced-Level Client Marketing