Freeform Landing Pages on the AgentID Sites are flexible landing page templates that allow you to create your own offers and market them. Unlike our other landing page templates, on a Freeform Landing Page, you will add your own pictures and write your own copy (the words that appear on the page). Furthermore, you can collect any information you'd like using a Freeform Landing Page, including phone numbers and physical addresses. 

When a lead fills out your Freeform Landing Page form, they will immediately receive the following email, which cannot be edited or altered:

"Thanks for visiting my website! The information you asked for is on the way… I will send it to you as soon as it’s ready. Is there any more info I can send you? Just reply to this email if you would like any additional market information or if you have questions about a specific property. Thanks!"

You will then need to follow up with that lead manually. Learn more about how leads on the AgentID Sites work in this help article.

Below are the instructions for creating a Freeform Landing Page. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

To create a Freeform Landing Page, complete the following steps:

  • Sign into your AgentID Site
  • Find and hover over the “Landing Pages” option in the lefthand navigation bar
  • Select “Add Landing Page”
  • Under “Page Template” on the righthand side of the page, select “Freeform” from the dropdown menu
  • Add a title for your landing page
    • The permalink is created from this title, so make sure to be descriptive but don’t make it too long
  • Click on “Add to Gallery”
  • Either drag and drop images into the upload box or click on “Select Files” to locate them on your computer
    • Make sure these are high-resolution photos, with a minimum image size of 1024×768
    • You can add multiple images
  • The Page Title is what will show up in large text on your landing page
  • Title Copy is where you will enter what you want to show up in smaller text beneath the title
  • Change the Input Type, Popup Form Title, and Popup Form Copy as you like
    • Note: If you want to ask leads for phone numbers, or any other information that is not a "field" in the Freeform Landing Page, you'll want to change that Input Type to "General Text."

  • Select “Publish” when you’re done

Visual Instructions

1. Login to your AgentID Admin Page


2. On the left hand side menu, click on 'Landing Pages' > 'Add Landing Page'


3. Choose the 'Freeform' template under 'Page Template'. Fill out the title for your Landing Page. Then choose a photo to appear in the background of your Landing Page. 

*HINT* The example on the right hand side under the 'Publish' box, will show you where your edits will go when your Landing Page is complete. 

4. Fill out the appropriate fields, and choose an input type. (In this example, the input type is Email). 

Page Title

Title Copy

Popup Form Title 

Popup Form Copy

5. When you are finished, navigate to the top of the page and click 'Publish'. 

Freeform Landing Page Example:

To view the Member Training Session Cheat Sheet for this Session click the link below: 

Advanced-Level Client Marketing